Saturday, January 24, 2009

Were-Cow Discovered in Iraq! Wait, What?

GeekDad at reports that two behavioral scientists from the Department of Psychiatry and Behaviours Sciences at UAE University have discovered several cases of Lycanthropy (Werewolf-ism) and one case of Were-Cow-ism. Here is an excerpt from the original article:
"The type of animal that the patients changed into were mainly dogs (seven cases) and only one case changed into a cow for the first time to report."
This was incredibly shocking to me (especially since I've always wanted to become a werewolf!), until I got to the bottom of the article:
"... Lycanthropy is the belief in the capacity of human metamorphosis into animal form... So, lycanthropy has less to do with an abundance of hair and a desire to devour raw flesh on a full moon. And, more to do with the belief that you can turn into another animal. Oh well, another of life's small disappointments."
[ Source: GeekDad ]

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